iPhone Medical ID Screenshot

The features of Smartphones are changing all the time.  One of the newer and lesser known features of the iPhone is the ability to add your health information so that it is accessible in case of emergency.

Instead of having to wear a medical ID bracelet, you can input all of your medical conditions and medications into the Health app on your phone and make it accessible to emergency personnel in the event you cannot relay the information to them.

To create your Medical ID, open the Health app and tap Medical ID and choose Edit.  Enter your emergency contacts and health information.  Make sure to turn on “Show When Locked” to make your Medical ID available from the Lock screen. Tap Done when you are finished.  Now you should see the word “Emergency” on the bottom left of your lock screen.  Your Emergency information will be accessible even when the phone is locked.  More detailed instructions can be found on Apple’s website.

If you are an Android user, there are apps that work similarly.  Search “Medical ID” in the Google Play store to compare what is available to you.

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