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One of the common ailments associated with aging is hearing loss. Along with that hearing loss sometimes comes noises that don’t come from any external source, such as a ringing in the ears. This ringing is also known as tinnitus. A symptom of an underlying issue, tinnitus doesn’t have a cure, exactly, but there are some things you can do to reduce it and make it more bearable.

Mask the Noise

Tinnitus can present as a high- or low-pitched ringing tone, clicking, humming, roaring, or a heartbeat, among others. This noise can be incredibly distracting, interfering with conversations, entertainment, and many other aspects of life. Things like masking devices and white noise machines produce white noise which can drown out or mask these sounds, making it less distracting and more bearable. According to Soundproof Cow, white noise can be beneficial in other ways too, such as helping you sleep better. You may find that getting better sleep also helps make tinnitus easier to deal with.

Hearing Aids

Because tinnitus is often due to hearing loss, hearing aids may be able to alleviate the severity of tinnitus. In many cases, tinnitus occurs in the frequencies most associated with an individual’s hearing loss. Hearing aids can help alleviate this hearing loss, which may reduce the tinnitus. Depending on how advanced the hearing loss is and how effective hearing aids are at reducing tinnitus, they may not be the most cost effective approach. According to Audien Hearing, a typical pair of hearing aids can cost thousands of dollars. If they prove to be an effective remedy for you, they might be worth looking into anyway.

Stress Reduction

Stress can worsen tinnitus. Conversely, according to the Vestibular Disorders Association, stress management methods can help reduce tinnitus and make it easier to deal with. There are a wide variety of stress management methods, so it might take some repetition, as well as some trial and error, to figure out which method works best for you. In addition to reducing tinnitus, lowering your stress levels can make coping with tinnitus easier. You may find that having less stress and greater peace of mind helps you be more present and comfortable with your situation.

Tinnitus can be frustrating to deal with. It may seem like a hopeless case, especially when it’s tied to hearing loss. Sometimes the problem can be something as simple as built up earwax, but often it’s a more permanent ailment. It’s important to see your doctor in an effort to get to the root of what is causing the tinnitus. Even so, there are some things you can try to make it more bearable. Drowning out the noise, utilizing hearing aids, and practicing stress reduction techniques may help alleviate tinnitus symptoms and make them easier to live with.

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