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Getting older…it happens to all of us. Our bodies don’t always work like they used to and we may be a little slower than we once were. It can be hard to accept, but in order to continue to enjoy life, some adjustments may need to be made to help make your life easier. The best place to start is with protecting your health as you age.

Filter Your Air

Many diseases are transferred through the air that we breath. Air filters are a great way to remove pathogens from your air. You can have these installed into your heating and air conditioning system. In order for these systems to be effective, they need to be constantly cycling the air. It is recommended that the air be fully changed at least every 3 hours. Aside from pathogens, air filters have other benefits. If you live in a place that has high pollutants in the air, air filters can also remove many of these. This will be particularly helpful for seniors that are experiencing respiratory problems.


House pests can threaten your health. They can contaminate your food with feces and can even transmit diseases. Cockroaches are some of the most prevalent pests. There are several solutions that help keep cockroaches away from your home. First, keep your home clean. Pests will not inhabit a building that does not provide them food. You can keep it clean by limiting where you eat, storing food in sealed containers, and regularly emptying the trash. Second, block entry. Research how pests might enter your home and take steps to prevent this like sealing cracks in the walls and floors. Third, remove shelter. Keep your home free of places that pests can easily hide.

Fall Hazards

One of the most dangerous health hazards for seniors is falling. As the body ages, it can become difficult to maintain mobility and to balance properly. You can protect yourself by eliminating tripping hazards from your home. If you have electrical cords in walkways, reroute them or tape them down. Where possible, replace steps with ramps. You may even consider having a chair lift installed in between levels to allow yourself to go up and down stairs safely.

Don’t let the challenges of aging bring you down. It is a natural part of life that most older adults will experience. Take precautions such as those listed above and make an effort to maintain good health through your eating and exercising habits.

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