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If you’re selling a home, showings and open house events will most likely be an integral part of the process. It’s a little scary thinking about strangers walking through your home but rest assured that the majority of the people who tour the home are simply potential buyers who are genuinely interested in the house with no ulterior motives. Even so, it’s important to take steps to protect yourself and secure your valuables. Here are a few tips to keep you and your belongings safe:

1) Hide Your Valuables – It’s important to keep your jewelry, cash and other valuables secured. If you don’t have a safe or a locking closet that you can store them in, you may want to invest in a locking box that can be hidden away in a secure spot in your home. Small electronics such as phones, tablets, laptops and video game systems should also be put away. If it’s small enough for one person to carry or stash in their pocket, it’s best to keep it out of sight. It’s also important to make sure that any guns are unloaded and locked away from would-be thieves or curious children.

2) Keep Medications Secured – Unfortunately, some people will go to great lengths to get their hands on narcotics and other prescription medications. Don’t leave your medicines out on the kitchen or bathroom counters or even in the medicine cabinets. You might consider putting them in a bag you can easily grab and take with you when you leave for a showing or open house.

3) Keep Passwords Out of Sight – With so many passwords to remember these days, it’s not uncommon for people to post the Wi-fi password on the fridge or keep a list of user names and passwords on the bulletin board near the computer. Make sure while your home is on the market that you keep these items tucked away in a file folder in your desk drawer or filing cabinet.

4) Don’t Use Heirlooms for Staging – Even though the majority of your visitors will be honest people, remember that there may be small children or “touchy feely” types who want to examine your beautiful treasures. Don’t risk them by using them to stage your home. Keep them safe by packing them away in a closet or boxing them up and putting them in the garage.

5) Secure Extra Keys or Remotes – While your home is on the market, don’t keep extra keys or remotes in plain sight. That extra car fob or garage door opener hanging on the key rack is like an invitation for a thief to come back to steal your car, or access the house to take whatever they want. It’s in your best interest to keep these out of sight and secured so they don’t end up in the wrong hands.

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