Fraud Alert graphic

It has come to our attention that a few sites out there are claiming to offer “free” downloads of our book, The Ultimate Guide to Downsizing.  Upon further research, it seems these sites most likely don’t offer our book at all.  Instead, they are scam sites designed to capture your information and may be havens for computer viruses.

What typically happens is the book shows up in search results to draw in unsuspecting readers, but the sites don’t actually have the ebooks they claim to have. Instead they trick visitors into either divulging personal info or paying for access to these “free” books, or they may install malware upon clicking a link.

Be aware that, at this time, The Ultimate Guide to Downsizing is only available as a Kindle ebook through and in paperback through Amazon or directly from us.  If someone is offering you a book in another format,such as a .pdf, or from any other site, it is likely a scam.

Thanks for your support and stay safe out there!

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