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The authors of The Ultimate Guide to Downsizing hope to make these moves, which can be overwhelming and emotional for many, a little less daunting. Each chapter provides tools and strategies to help boomers, seniors and children of aging parents implement a successful move, along with real-life anecdotes and motivational quotes. In addition, the appendix is packed full of worksheets, inventories, and checklists to assist readers through each step of the downsizing process.

“So many times we see older adults who would love to make a move but are so overwhelmed by the amount of stuff they own and the process of looking for a new place. They don’t know where to start so they just decide to stay where they are,” says author Ingrid Sullivan. John Sullivan, her husband and co-author, adds, “Whether they intend to move right away or to stay home and ‘age-in-place,’ we urge boomers and seniors to talk to their families and formulate a plan in order to avoid a potential crisis situation in the future.”

The Ultimate Guide to Downsizing is available in paperback for $19.95 or as a Kindle e-book for $12.95 on

In addition to working with their real estate clients, the Sullivans present educational opportunities for older adults and their families through seminars, panel discussions, and speaking engagements. For interviews or more information, please call 817-330-9235 or email

About Senior Downsizing Experts

Ingrid and John Sullivan are senior specialist REALTORS® and owners of Senior Downsizing Experts. They have worked in the real estate industry for more than 20 years. Through their experiences with helping their own parents with moves, they came to realize that there was a great void in the industry and began concentrating their efforts toward helping boomers and seniors with downsizing and rightsizing moves. While they are full-service REALTORS® and work with clients of all ages, they have found working with mature adults to be their true calling. Along with their team of trusted experts, they help guide their clients through every step of this often emotional process.

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