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Our book, The Ultimate Guide to Downsizing, was published one year ago today.  

A cleverly written practical guide to downsizing and simplifying life focused on the latter stages of life. Whether one plans to move from a single house to an active senior living complex or simply wants to declutter and make life easier to manage, there are useful guides and examples to be found here. I recommend this to my aging peers, their families and support networks.  –Tom Chancellor, Amazon Reviewer

The Ultimate Guide to Downsizing seeks to make downsizing and rightsizing a little less daunting by providing tools and strategies to help boomers, seniors and children of aging parents implement a successful move.  The book includes real-life anecdotes and motivational quotes as well as an appendix that is packed full of worksheets, inventories, and checklists to assist readers through each step of the downsizing process.


Thanks to everyone who has helped us make this book a success.  If you haven’t picked up your copy yet, The Ultimate Guide to Downsizing is available in paperback for $19.95 or as a Kindle e-book for $12.95 on or by calling us directly at 817-330-9235.

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