Moving can be a stressful experience for anyone.  For Seniors, Moving and Downsizing can be extremely stressful with all that is involved.  Working with a team of professionals can help make Senior Downsizing stress free.  Seniors usually have a life time of possessions to deal with and the stress of what to do with all of their stuff can be overwhelming.  The Sullivan & Sullivan team have surrounded themselves with professionals who have a passion in working with senior clients.  We help our clients organize their possessions and determine what to do with everything.  Our packers and movers help the client determine what will fit in their new home, move them, unpack and get the clients new home set-up and organized.  Our Estate Sale team can help clients sell possessions that they are not keeping or giving to family.  Sometimes a client needs to do some repairs to the home they are moving from so that they can get the maximum return from their home investment. We have trusted home repair experts who can help make repairs reasonably and reliably.  Our goal is to help clients have a downsizing experience that is as stress free as possible, so that they can start enjoying their new lifestyle.

Recently we help our client, Doris Woodard with the downsizing process and below is an interview with Doris regarding her experience.

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