A plan is always a good place to start any task. Organize those assisting in the downsizing process and start assigning roles. Consult the following steps to start delegating.

It is always nice when there is plenty of time to plan for these steps. Moving to independent living usually allows these grace periods. However, life can sneak up and surprise. Try your best to implement these steps in the case of an emergency move.

1. Get a notebook

A notebook is an ideal place to start an inventory of items that will be essential in the new home and what will not.

Include in the notebook:

  • The spaces of the new home
  • Items that will be making the move
  • Dates to accomplish tasks
  • To-do lists
  • Important phone numbers
  • Who will receive early heirloom items
  • Inventory

Feel free to give a copy of the inventory to the senior living community to help keep track of items.

2. Financial matters

Ask the new senior living community if they offer advice on places to take care of financial matters, such as insurance plan coverage or real estate companies that specialize in selling homes for seniors.

Taking care of money matters now can ease a lot of future hassle.

3. Records and documents

Organize important documents and records before things start getting tossed around. Put things like birth certificates, bank information, and health records in a folder or box that will only move on the actual moving day.

4. Keep, Donate, and Trash

An essential part of downsizing is the need to stay organized. Make three piles and stick to them. A “maybe” pile will hold up the process.

If an item has not been used in over a year, it’s safe to say it is not needed. Heirloom items such as furniture or jewelry will be of value to loved ones. Give them away now and enjoy seeing them put to use.

Make a photo book of all the items that can’t move to the next destination. This activity can be therapeutic and bonding for family members. The donate pile can also be used as a yard sale pile. Whatever doesn’t sell can then go to a second-hand shop.

Arrange for a day when oversized items can be removed that will not make the journey. Check to see if a thrift store offers local pick-up for donations.

5. Clear labels

Make life easy for the future and clearly label boxes making their way to the new home. Clear identification will make for a smoother transition whether movers are hired or members of the new community assist.

This process can point out if an area of the new home has too much stuff. Consult the three piles again.

6. Talk it out

Moving is stressful at any age. Don’t forget to communicate with friends and family about your hopes and frustrations. Letting out those thoughts and feelings can ease tensions and make sure everything is operating to plan.

7. The essentials bag

The first night in a new home is difficult. There’s always a sneaking suspicion an item was forgotten. Add essentials to an easily accessible bag during the downsizing process.

There is peace of mind in knowing a toothbrush, comfortable clothes, and medications are right where they are needed.

8. Ask for help

There is no shame in asking for help. Cambridge Court would be happy to provide resources and assistance to Dallas area seniors and their family members.

If you have a home to sell, Senior Downsizing Experts is a great resource.  They offer a free, no-obligation consultation to review what is most important to you and determine your needs and goals.  They can offer you advice on repairs and give you multiple options for selling your home.  They also have solutions for estate liquidation, packing and moving needs.  They coordinate and schedule all of the pieces needed to get their clients from one place to the next with the least amount of stress.

Check out more of the great articles and advice on Dallas Fort Worth Senior Living.  There is a wealth of information to help older adults here on the site.

Downsizing is a collaborative process.  The more hands the merrier!

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