The Vial of Life is a free program that helps put vital health information into the hands of emergency responders when seconds count.  Vial of Life programs are commonly used by Senior Citizens but this life saving program can be used by anyone in need.

Inside the kit is a a form to fill out which includes the patients’ name, pertinent medical history and emergency contact information.  Once completed the form will be put into an oversized “pill capsule” then stored on the top shelf of your refrigerator door. A magnet and sticker are provided with the kit.  The magnet should be placed on your refrigerator door and the sticker should be placed near the front door to notify emergency responders to check for the Vial of Life in your refrigerator.

Update your information when you have major changes in your health history or if your medications change.  A good rule is to verify that your information is correct twice a year when you change the batteries in your smoke detector.

The Arlington Fire Department offers the Vial of Life kits free of charge.  You can also download the forms and request a kit from

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