a group of happy senior adults

A new option for seniors who wish to “age in place” is Senior Cohousing.  Cohousing usually consists of developments of smaller homes clustered together around a shared community space.

In these communities, residents have their own private home but can also enjoy the benefits of a common house which can include things like community gardens, libraries, guest rooms for visitors, laundry facilities, kitchens for common meals and room for get-togethers.  Some also have fitness facilities, media rooms, office space or workshops.

Social interaction is a great benefit – residents always have a buddy for walks, shopping excursions or a visit to the movie theater – but they still have the option of their own private space when they want time to themselves.

While these communities are geared toward the senior population, many “boomers” have chosen the cohousing life as well.  Some are opting to move into these communities while they are still in good health, planning ahead for times when they might need more assistance from their neighbors and friends.

Cohousing is a growing trend, but is not yet available everywhere.  For more information about cohousing options in your area, visit The Cohousing Association of the United States.

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