a collage of images showing seniors enjoying recreation at senior centers

The City of Arlington offers 2 centers for maturing adults. The Senior Recreation Center at New York Avenue is at Hugh Smith center, 2015 Craig Hanking Dr. and NewYork Ave.  This center has a swimming pool and offers a number of water aerobic classes for maturing adults. There are water aerobic classes to help you stay fit as well as classes that are designed for wellness, joint flexibility, injuries and arthritic conditions.   The Senior Rec Center at New York offers a number of other activities including exercise, games, fine art classes, billiards and much more.

The Eunice Activity Center located at 1000 Eunice Street also offers a number of activities for adults.  Probably some of the most popular activities offered at the Eunice Center is the Dancing Lessons and Friday Night Band Dances.

To find a calendar of events at both senior centers follow this link.

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