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Wow, you have finally graduated to the luxurious, relaxing stage of life called retirement! Now is the time to enjoy watching your family expand as you leisurely age from the comforts of your home. Here are several home additions that you should consider accomplishing now that you are retired.

An Additional Bedroom

While you may be thinking you might not need another bedroom as an empty nester, now could actually be the best time to add one to your home. If you are a grandparent, much of your retirement will probably be spent hosting grandkids. If not, you will still want at least one guest room when friends or other family members visit.

If you decide to add a traditional guest room to your home, be sure to make it homey and comfortable for all your visitors. Supply the room with a small TV, adjustable bed, and small bathroom. If you want a room for grandkids, explore some fun options such as adding in bunk beds, wall murals, and toys. Then no grandkid will want to leave grandma or grandpa’s house ever again!

An Outdoor Deck

Decks are perfect areas for both entertainment and leisure. They add value to the home and make your yard look more aesthetically pleasing. Popular deck features are designed to create a space that can serve as a social gathering place for family and friends.

Before building a deck, make sure you have a good understanding of the styles, materials, and types of decks that are out there. Choose a deck that fits well with the terrain of your yard and your home’s overall style. Also, make sure to add wheelchair-accessible features so that everyone can join the fun!

A Senior-Friendly Home Design

With retirement comes inevitable aging. But aging is not a bad thing—in fact, it can be an exciting adventure as you watch your children raise their own families and finally enjoy some time without constantly having stuff to do.

As you begin your retirement, you will want to plan ahead for some of the more negative consequences of aging. This will allow you to more easily age in place without moving into a new home halfway through retirement. For example, make sure that your doors are wide enough, and every part of the house is accessible for a wheelchair. Add no-slip materials to your bathtub and shower. Raise your toilets and remove anything that may be hazardous.

Home Office

Have too many empty rooms or bedrooms in the house? You may want to consider renovating one to become a home office if you haven’t already. While you may not have a full-time job anymore, that doesn’t mean you won’t want a space to fill out paperwork, store important documents, and take care of other financial and familial matters. Luckily, transforming a spare room to a home office is a relatively low-cost endeavor—and it is well worth your time.

Enhance Technology

While technology may seem intimidating, virtual assistance technology can make your home much more convenient as you age after retirement. When your physical mobility starts to degrade, adding more automatic and technological elements to your home will aid you in your endeavor to remain independent as a senior.

For example, adding smart apps to your home will allow you to do basic things remotely without having to get up. Furthermore, it may be worth trying out different cleaning robots or other ‘new-fangled’ inventions to improve your ability to do things on your own as you age.

Add an Income Suite

Want a way to make money while sitting back and doing nothing? Build an income suite. This could look like an “in-law” suite or basement apartment. Then, rent it out to small families or single renters. The money you will make while renting this part of your home will be useful as a supplemental income during retirement. And hardly any work is required.

Retirement is an exciting time in life. Who knows all the fun adventures you will share with loved one’s during this thrilling stage of life when you can finally relax and enjoy! Setting up your home appropriately will ensure your comfort and security for years to come.

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