Our new Smart Senior Series website has launched! If you are still reaching this page when typing www.smartseniorseries.com, please try the following to refresh your browser:

Windows and Linux browsers: CTRL + F5

Apple Safari: SHIFT Reload toolbar button

Chrome and Firefox for MacCMD + SHIFT R

If that doesn’t work, please see this article for ways to clear your cache: https://kinsta.com/knowledgebase/how-to-clear-browser-cache/#single

Our Smart Senior Series website is undergoing a makeover.  It will be back up and running very soon!

In the meantime, if you would like more information, please call 817-330-9235.

Our Next Seminar is March 4 at 2pm
“Be Smart About Living to 100”

If you would like to register for one of our upcoming seminars, please visit http://vid.us/h8hn0p

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