Young woman hugging a senior man

Remove fear and uncertainty by knowing how to avoid the most common mistakes caregivers make when assisting elder parents with late-life moves.  Learn how to initiate the  “where will you live” conversation with your parents, discover the pitfalls associated with both aging-in place and moving to senior living, and gain insight into the many untapped resources available to make moving less stressful for everyone. Late-life moves involving elder parents can seem overwhelming, but they don’t have to be.

I attended your Moving Mom & Dad presentation at Chateau on Wildbriar Lake on Saturday…I wish we had this information available when we moved my mother from an apartment to assisted living in Missouri several years ago.  We were guilty of Mistake 1 and it took a crisis to cause the move.  Just about everything you outlined was what we needed to know before the crisis.  We knew we were headed in that direction but we did not have the information we needed nor did we take action before the crisis…She has flourished there after being very reluctant to make the move.  Seniors really need to be aware of the information that you provide.  You have become my new hero for seniors!      -Paul Dormeyer

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